Conference Room B
This can be divided into two rooms by partitions.
- Capacity
  Normal: 112 persons, maximum: about 170 persons (without desks)

- Number of microphones
  1 pin mike, 4 wireless mikes, 3 wired mikes
  Note: Simultaneous use of pin mike and wireless 4 mikes

- Main AV apparatus
Recording apparatus: High-definition camera, slide film TV converter, S-VHS type VCR, CD player, cassette tape recorder, various microphones, control console
Projecting and public-address systems: High-intensity liquid crystal projector, slide projector, OHP, electric-lift 120-inch screen, electric-lift 100-inch screen, inclining tripod screen for OHP, high-clarity speaker
16 seats x 7 rows
Number of seats (normal): 112
Number of seats (maximum): 170 (without desks)
Desk size: 1500 (W) x 600 (D) x 700 (H) mm
* indicates figures when divided into two by partitions.
Foyer b
Smoking Corner